Our City in Shadows

Like others, I have found lockdown pretty shocking. How quickly things can change. Loss of livelihoods, suffering of ill health or worse.

These images portray the stark sense of emptiness and space rarely seen before, and those which are now all too ‘normal’.

Iconic locations within the heart of London; deserted, empty, lifeless.

Who Was I?

Imagine finding out when you were 69 years old that you had been adopted as a baby. This is what happened to my father John Wallace.  My project was designed as a journey to test and explore the boundaries of who we think we are.  Can we be anyone we choose?  Are we hard-wired to be who we think we are?It explores the dichotomy between nature and nurture. Appearance may define or indeed constrain us, but this series of photographs encourages the viewer to interpret John’s identity.

This project is exhibited at Travers Smith under the title of ‘Connected’.


Burma (Myanmar) is a beautiful remote country, still unspoilt sitting in the middle of Asia. The people are warm and welcoming, it is a land full of temples and pagodas. Boys still have a traditional ceremony, called shinbyu to enter a monastery and this ensures a good education.


Antarctica is an area of outstanding natural beauty. The quality of light, the unchanged landscapes and towering icebergs make it incredibly special. She hopes these images shows nature at its unspoilt best.

Hurricane Sandy

On October 28th 2012‎ New York was closed down by Hurricane Sandy. Subways were closed, shops bordered up, there was major flooding and no power in and around the City.

Belarus (CCP)

Every year the Chernobyl Children’s Project helps children and their families from Belarus who have been affected by the Chernobyl disaster. It is hard to believe that the accident in Chernobyl 1986 is still affecting those living in the area. To be able to have a few weeks of fresh air and clean food can improve their immune systems and gives them an amazing psychological boost.

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